General Questions

What should I wear to church services?

Worshippers at Christ ChurchWe don't really have a dress code; on Sunday mornings you'll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to suits, high heels and dresses to khakis  If you want to blend in, business casual works well.

We are an ethnically and culturally diverse congregation with many non-American attendees, and you will see some traditional clothing from other countries at times. So if a sari or a dashiki suit are your preferred clothes for a Sunday, you'll feel comfortable worshipping with us.

Our Saturday evening service and :01 services (Lake Forest campus) are very informal, and many people wear jeans.


What should I expect on my first visit?

A warm welcome. There is generally a greeter or two at the door: please let them know you’re a first-time visitor so they can give you an information sheet to help you find your way around, and explain where you need to go.

At the Lake Forest campus, either before or after the service, visit our Connection Center in the middle of the lobby where we have a welcome gift for you. Our connection center volunteers can answer any questions you have, give you a tour, sign you up for weekly emails or introduce you to various ministry leaders that might help you get connected at Christ Church.

We do not require first-time visitors to stand or introduce themselves during the service. There is a Welcome card in every pew rack: we’d be so grateful if you’d complete it and drop it in the offering plate during the service.

You will receive a phone call from a pastor to welcome you to our church, and some treats from our congregation, but you will not be pressured or made to feel uncomfortable. We just want to let you know we're glad you're here!


What does "nondenominational" mean?

Christ Church is a nondenominational Christian church in the Evangelical Protestant tradition.

"Nondenominational" means that we are not affiliated with a Protestant denomination such as the Methodists or the Episcopalians. We are an independent organization that gets its income solely from the generosity of our congregation; we are not supported by any other organization.

This means that all decisions about how the church is run are made by the leaders elected by Christ Church members. Members vote on important decisions from time to time. Our church constitution is carefully written so that no individual is able to exercise too much influence over the church.


Can I attend the church without being a member?

Yes. We would prefer that you become a member of the church as soon as you are certain that Christ Church is your church home. However, we recognize that not all of those who attend our church are ready to make that commitment.


I was raised in the Catholic church. Will I be uncomfortable at Christ Church?

The large number of attendees at Christ Church services and Bible studies who were raised as Catholics certainly suggests that we are a place where Catholics can feel comfortable.

Our congregation comes from so many different church backgrounds that we find ourselves enjoying our different traditions; they give us plenty to discuss. Our FencePosts curriculum will help you understand the core beliefs that make us Christian, and see how a congregation can be so diverse and yet so united in Christ.


Times & Locations

Lake Forest


Saturdays | 5:30 p.m.
Sundays | 9 & 11 a.m.
The :01 | Sundays | 9:01 & 11:01 a.m. | Room A201


100 North Waukegan Road
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 

Highland Park


Sundays | 10 a.m.


1713 Green Bay Road
Highland Park, Illinois 60035



Sundays | 11 a.m.


1350 IL Route 137
Grayslake, Illinois 60030